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Pani Balms PŌPŌ – Stress Relief Balm


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Stress, anxiety and tension headache relieving properties of Tataramoa and Tawatawa, blend with Lavender’s anti-anxiety effects for a balm that soothes and relaxes away stress and the headaches and tension from stressful events.

Rub on temples and pulse points and wherever you carry stress.
A gentle sleep balm and calming balm for unwinding after work.

Ingredients include: Mamaku, Hemp Oil, Comfrey, Lemon, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Beeswax

All Pani products are made from as much locally sourced vegetation as possible. When going into the ngahere (Native bush) to collect plants thanks is always given to spirit and guidance requested. With all of the plants we use there are times to collect them and times to leave them to grow and regenerate. Causing no harm to the plant or the ngahere is a given. It is our duty to nurture and care for the plants and the earth, respect and care for their environment and return what we don’t use to the earth.

Wildcrafted in Rotorua using the healing knowledge of rongoa and the highest quality ingredients.

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