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Chantal Organics Baking Soda 250g


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Chantal Organics’ baking soda is a versatile pantry essential. Most commonly paired with acidic ingredients such as lemon juice or cocoa to leaven baked goods, it also makes a relaxing bath soak and laundry deodoriser.


Baking soda as a bath soak: add two cups of baking soda to a warm bath to help soothe aching muscles.

Baking soda for laundry: freshen up your clothing and linen by adding half a cup of baking soda to the rise cycle of your wash.

Baking soda for cleaning: baking soda acts as a mildly abrasive cleaner, perfect for removing stains from bathroom tiles, benchtops and coffee cups.


100% Sodium Bicarbonate

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN : Product of the USA, packed in New Zealand


Store in a cool, dry place


May contain traces of PEANUT, NUTS, SOY, SESAME SEED, GLUTEN.

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