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ĀREPA Nootropic Brain Drink, Performance 300ml



The Worlds Smartest Drink – A strong bioactive formula to keep you calm and thinking clear under moments of pressure and stress.

This patented formula is designed by world-class neuroscientists to boost your brain and immune system with nature’s most powerful brain-food polyphenols; New Zealand Pine Bark and New Zealand Neuroberry Blackcurrants.

Primary Benefits:

✔ Promotes Mental Clarity and Calm
✔ Improves Focus Under Mental Fatigue
✔ Supports Normal Neurological Function

Secondary Benefits:

✔ Reduced Mental Fatigue
✔ Supports Physical Performance and Recovery
✔ Supports Immunity (100% Vit C Per serving)


Drink one full Ārepa 20 minutes before you need Mental Clarity.Supplemented Food. Consume as part of a balanced and healthy diet.

Plant-Based | Low Calorie | Low Sugar | 100% Natural | Polyphenol Rich | 30% Vitamin C


New Zealand NEUROBERRY® Blackcurrant Extract 500mg

L-theanine SUNTHEANINE® 200mg

New Zealand Pine Bark Extract ENZOGENOL® 150mg

New Zealand NEUROBERRY® Juice 150ml

Only 37 Calories per serving.

✔ 100% Natural, Caffeine-free, Effects you can feel

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