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ĀREPA Nootropic Capsules


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Ārepa is formulated by their world-renowned Neuroscientist and is designed to keep you calm and thinking clear, from procrastination, brain fog, stress and mental blocks. Ārepa is based on decades of clinical research along with independent studies on this finished formula.

Primary Benefits:

✔ Supports Mental Clarity and Focus

✔ Supports Anxiety and Stress

✔ Supports Cognitive Blood Flow

Secondary Benefits:

✔ Supports Inflammation Response

✔ Reduced Mental Fatigue

✔ Supports Sleep

How To Take:

Take 2 capsules (with water) to get the full benefits of our most popular product.


Each serving (2 capsules) contains:

500mg of Neuroberry Blackcurrant Extract

500mg of Enzogenol Pine Bark Extract

200mg of L-theanine

✔ 100% Natural, Caffeine-free, Effects you can feel.

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